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Friday, April 13, 2012

Guilt Free, I mean Gluten Free Brownies (ok for Passover too!)

I was excited when I looked at the brownie photo on Cookie Madness Gluten Free Almond Butter Brownies.  All it takes is a shiny-topped brownie to get my stomach juices going!!!  (My tops were not quite as shiny because, well, operator error probably!)

Almond butter brownies with Scarlet Tanager

And the addition of browned butter also excited me-I am a huge fan! ( And huge will have the literal meaning if I don't stop eating these brownies!)
So I hauled my lazy body out of the house in search of almond butter since I had everything else.  Well, as I was looking at each jar of almond butter to get the freshest date, I forgot the recipe called for creamy. Of course I brought home a jar of crunchy!  That turned out to be a happy accident because these brownies could use a bit of crunchy texture. I did make my usual minor recipe alterations (I just can't help myself).  I have to say these brownies produced the best crispy edges I've had!   Another thought I had while eating my third, yes third! brownie was that adding chocolate chips to the batter before baking would have been overkill-and I like chocolate chips in brownies most of the time.   You can cut these after cooled like regular brownies, or scoop them out while still a little warm and serve with vanilla ice cream.
Please try these brownies; you will not be disappointed if you like fudgy, a little nutty, and rich brownies!  Thank you Anna for posting these.
See the link at the top of this post for the recipe from Cookie madness.  


    1. Almond butter is not easily available in our area. Shall I crush few almonds, mix it with butter and use it in the recipe. I usually prepare one chocolate item for my son's birthday and think this brownie can be a good addition.

    2. Susan, thanks for commenting! You might be able to use peanut butter instead. Or, here is a link to a blogger that makes home-made nut butters.

    3. I still want to try those brownies! About the pb truffles with coconut flour, I'm sure you could try all purpose or to still keep them healthy, I'd even try whole wheat pastry flour (which I use a lot). I'm sure they'd still have a little bit of a different flavor, but I'm thinking they'd still be a great pb/chocolate truffle.