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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cinnamon rice crispy treats

I have not been posting lately because I've been taking and entering photos in a photo contest called  Capture Minnesota (see some photos at the end of this post).   However, I still look for baking bargains when I'm out shopping for staples.. I perused the baking aisle at Target the other day looking for nut sales and these caught my eye:

Yup, not nuts.  Cinnamon Bun marshmallows-I had no idea they existed!  I ate a dozen before thinking they would be better for me mixed with vitamin-enriched cereal!!   I substituted them for regular marshmallows and they were a hit! 
They came out a bit more golden than regular rice crispy bars, but they tasted great!  The cinnamon was not too strong...

I just followed the recipe on the rice crispy box, but I did add 5 T butter rather than 4.
If you try them, let me know what you think!  They also have pina colada marshmallows..wonder what they would taste like in a rice crispy bar??????
Photos-all were taken at my house and in my yard...

Noodle pudding-kugel

Monarch "straw"

Lantana berries

Fall leaves abstract

Dying aster

Sugar maple on fire

Sunflower center


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  2. I always wanted to try the rice krispies treats since I saw them in a movie or tv series I don't remember... yours seem really good! And the photos are beautiful.

  3. Thank you Iva! I have fun baking and taking pics!

  4. Thank you Ricekernel. I have not visited many blogs in a while...I hope to be back soon!

  5. Hi i saw your comment on my blog, if you scroll down you can see that I write all my recipes in english too :D

  6. Marshmallows come in two types up here (it seems) large and small :). That's it, we don't have any fancy stuff... sad :(. Your images are stunning. The colours in the aster and the sunflower are fantastic and what little I know about composition of photography loves the butterfly. Oh and that noodle kugel... honestly.. drooling :).

  7. YUMMY! I want a slice of that kugel....

  8. Wait! where is the kugel recipe? I am mos def stoopid, but I don't see it. It looks delicious.

  9. I have a bag of those cinnamon bun mallows in my cupboard. I like trying all the new flavors they come out with!
    You asked about the fillo shells. They are SO easy. They just come in the dessert freezer section in a box of 15 premade shells. You just bake them in the oven for 8-10 minutes, just to toast them back up a little from them being frozen, let them cool, then fill them with whatever you want. You can also bake something in them. I love them!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Katrina, thanks for the info! Happy New year to everyone and thanks for your comments!